CAS stands for creativity, activity and service. The course encourages students to be active in all three of these areas throughout the IB educational period.

gimnazija Maribor offers many creative activities within the programme DrugaDruga, e.g., literary and art workshops, photography circles, theatre groups in Slovene, English, French and German, youth choir, student orchestra, student newspaper, film school, etc.

In the field of sports, students can choose from a range of elective sports (swimming, table tennis, badminton, aerobics, yoga, tai-chi, etc). They can also opt for an individualised programme within the Sports for Health project.

The students can volunteer at primary schools, kindergartens, youth homes, retirement homes, animal shelters and youth centres.

Additionally, IB students can be involved in the international project ‘SOLY’ (Special Olympics), the volunteer campaign ‘Symbiosis’ (running a senior course), the school cultural marathon, the organisation and implementation of charity events and music concerts. They can participate in international school exchanges, competitions and conferences (MUN, YPAC, WSC). CAS is a core element in the curriculum, along with the extended essay and theory of knowledge.

IB students are encouraged to be active in the local community, so they can also take part in activities in external organisations that provide creative, sports and volunteer activities.

The work of the students is monitored by the CAS coordinator as well as other mentors for each activity. The students write a diary and keep a portfolio throughout the course. At the end of the second school year, they make a public presentation in which they include a self-evaluation and a reflection on the activities performed.

CAS is compulsory for every student if they wish to receive the IB Diploma.

CAS offers students challenges in a variety of areas, teaches them how to plan and better organise their time, helps them master the process of self-evaluation and self-reflection, familiarises them with the importance of being aware of the development of their own abilities, helps them to gain teamwork skills, and fosters perseverance.

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