II gimnazija Maribor counselling service is based on the »Zakon o usmerjanju otrok s posebnimi potrebami.«. Support for students with special needs is built on the practice of inclusive schooling.  Implementation of programming for students with special needs occurs within the regular (peer group) classroom.

Our school has two guidance counsellors who work with students having special needs. The head of school is responsible for naming the team of teachers who should create individualised programmes (action plans, classroom attendance and assessment strategies) and monitor the progresses of individual students. The team responsible for individual students: Class teacher (leader of the team), Academic mentor, Counsellor (support), IB DP Coordinator, and the Head of school.


The class teachers are teachers who usually teach the whole class. They are assigned to the class at the beginning of the school year and stay with the students for the period of two years in the IB DP programme. The basic functions of the class teacher are the pedagogical, as well as the organisational and administrative ones. Many times, the role of the class teacher is to guide and lead the students through the learning and teaching process. Furthermore, the class teacher cooperates with the parents, organises and runs the meetings, deals with absences and monitors the progress of the students. They have regular meetings with their students and escort the students to field trips and excursions.


Students who come from other schools than II.gimnazija Maribor are well looked after. Firstly, the FB group is set up by the students, who provide the insight for the students who are going to enrol to our school. As we would like that the students adjust to the new environment quickly and without any further complications senior mentors are offered to the students once they start schooling at II.gimnazija Maribor. The mentorship is based on senior student – junior student relationship.


The English teacher, Polona Vehovar, is the school’s Study Abroad Counsellor. She has 2-hour release times per week for guiding and counselling students through post-secondary education. The counsellor organises up to 4 meetings with year 11 students and up to 8 meetings with year 12 students. She organises lectures and foreign universities’ presentations such as U Tokyo, NY University Abu Dhabi, IE University Madrid, Universities in Germany, Austria, Graz, Vienna as well as the Netherlands. 10% of our students go on to study abroad and up to 70 % of IB DP students study abroad.

The school’s University and career counsellor provides information about studying at different universities in Slovenia. Regular meetings are organised as well as detailed instructions on how to fill-in the online applications. Systems such as UCAS and COMMON APPLICATION are introduced as well as others for studying throughout Europe.

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