International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at II. gimnazija Maribor enjoys both national and international recognition. There are numerous countries that our school has connections with. Our students are able to join more than ten international exchange programmes based on language or cultural exchange throughout the four years.

The school has many international connections with schools from France, Spain, Serbia, Italy, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Italy – every year, we carry out international student and teacher exchanges with these schools. A peculiarity at our school is the Spring Festival, where students from more than ten different countries meet to take part in numerous workshops.
Knowing different cultures, customs and traditions as well as languages contributes to better understanding of today’s world and relations. In order to achieve the school’s main goals II. gimnazija developed vast network of international cooperation with schools from the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • FYR Serbia
  • Israel
  • Shina and
  • India.

A peculiarity at our school is the Spring Festival, where students from more than ten different countries meet to take part in numerous workshops. For five days students work together in different creative workshops and have initial and final performances. The event is rounded off with a one day trip around Slovenia.


The school creates several opportunities for the students and staff to participate in the IB community, through developing links with IB World Schools in Slovenia and across the globe.

Our school has been involved in several international exchanges over the last 5 years, called IB travel.
The first such exchange was organised with the International School of Amsterdam (ISA). Students helped to organise an event called Special Olympics in Amsterdam. In May the same students organised such an event at II. gimnazija Maribor as well.
The second international exchange was set with the International School in Bratislava (ISB). This exchange was based on TOK. Up to 5 students from Bratislava have joined our students during our TOK week every September on Pohorje Mountain for 5 years. Students combine TOK, CAS and language teaching for 5 days in different workshops. Our students join students in Bratislava at their TOK week every May.
Our students attend up to 3 MUN conferences (Belgrade, Budapest, Bratislava, and Mostar). Recently a connection with a Polish school from Gliwice was established. The exchange is based on students being the ambassadors of Slovene, Macedonian and Serbian cultures and languages. Our school has strong connections with the UWC in Mostar and Duino.
There is an on-going cooperation between schools which offer IB DP in Slovenia. IB DP / CAS and TOK coordinators have several meetings per year. All members of the staff and up to 5 students meet annually to discuss current issues, such as IB in Slovenia, curriculum, subject specifics, etc.

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