II. gimnazija Maribor: School Profile

The basic credo of II. gimnazija Maribor is to enable its students to achieve their fullest academic potential and to stimulate their creativity, independence and solidarity. II. gimnazija Maribor aspires to stimulate students’ creativity in argument and openness of inquiry. We believe that by visiting your school, our students could gain a better insight into a truly international school whose atmosphere is infused with the spirit of the IB. This, we believe, would help develop our pupils’ sense of belonging to a wider, global community as well as to expand the CAS Project of the Diploma Programme.
II. gimnazija Maribor offers three academic programmes: a general grammar school programme, a sports grammar school programme and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme..
Further, many students from former Yugoslav countries enrol in the IB Diploma Programme every year, adding to the school’s international character and vibrancy.

The results of our IB students are excellent, as are the results of our students on the national school-leaving exam (Matura), making II. gimnazija Maribor among the academically most successful schools in Slovenia. The students in our sports classes show that it is possible to combine professional sports and education. Thus, a student from a sports class, Katja Koren, became an Olympic bronze medallist in slalom in 1994 in Lillehammer.

Our school pays particular attention to developing the students’ creativity and individuality. Because we are aware of the fact that many students find their professional interest outside regular classes, the school offers an exceptionally extensive array of extra-curricular activities known as DrugaDruga. Within DrugaDruga, more than 80 extra-curricular activities are offered. Thus, The English Student Theatre prides itself on its professional production of musicals; there is Drug Orkester (»The Second Orchestra«) and a theatrical group GNOSIS with avant-garde performances; the French Theatre, too, is internationally successful, having won the first prize in several consecutive years at Francophonie, an international event, in Saint-Malo, France. Moreover, at the school there are an arts and a literary workshop, a voluntary social work group, an Amnesty International group, Junior Achievement etc. Further, every year our students work on numerous research projects and present them successfully at the regional and national level. The school offers many language courses that are attended by more than 100 students. The school publishes a school newspaper Borec (“The Fighter”) that has been elected the best Slovene school newspaper for years. In spring, the school organises a month-long event known as Pomlad na II. gimnaziji (Spring at II. gimnazija) that culminates in an all-night cultural marathon.

Additionally, the school has many international connections with schools from France, Spain, Serbia, Italy, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Italy – every year, we carry out international student and teacher exchanges with these schools.


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