Who can apply and what are the costs?

Students from Slovenia, other EU countries or countries which have signed a bilateral educational agreement with Slovenia (BIH, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo) are entitled to apply. Students from other countries (not mentioned above) can apply if at least one of the parents pays taxes in Slovenia.

The tuition fee is free of charge.

However, students who are not from Maribor have to cover the dormitory accommodation costs by themselves (around €330,00 per month for accommodation, supervision and food).

All students have to cover additional costs (books, freshmen week, final excursion, field trips) of the programme in the amount of approximately €1000,00 in two years. Expenses can be paid in instalments.

Students can choose between two halls of residence, DIJAŠKI DOM DRAVA and DIJAŠKI DOM LIZIKE JANČAR.

Entry requirements

  • age of 16 or 17 years at the time of enrolment;
  • completion of second year of secondary school in the current school year (a four-year programme) with the final grade excellent or very good;
  • excellent or very good final grades in the subjects Mother tongue, English and Mathematics in the current school year;
  • participation in extra-curricular activities in the fields of culture or sports or attendance in national and international knowledge competitions in the fields of Mathematics, languages, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, computer sciences or similar active involvement in research work.

Documents that need to be enclosed when applying

  • printed out and signed online application form (the deadline is the 10th of March 2023),
  • photocopy of the first year’s final certificate and English transcript of it (only if the document is not issued in Slovenia),
  • second year’s report on candidate’s grades and English transcript of it (only if the document is not issued in Slovenia),
  • filled in, signed and stamped forms of participation in extra-curricular activities (all extra-curricular activities that the students do in school or any other organization or club outside the school in the current school year count),
  • photocopies of certificates of achievements in knowledge competitions, music competitions or research work (only achievement in school year 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 count),
  • photocopy of the passport or ID card (for Slovene students).

Presentations of the IB Diploma Programme at II. gimnazija Maribor will take place on:

  • Friday 17th of February at 11 a.m.
  • Saturday 18th of February at 11 a.m.

All the documents must be sent as a registered shipment to

II. gimnazija Maribor, Trg Miloša Zidanška 1, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia

with “IB2023” specified on the envelope, the deadline being

10th of March 2023.

Selection process 

The final selection will be done after evaluating the candidates’ placement test results and after conducting the individual interviews with the candidates in April 2023.

The following criteria are applied in ranking the candidates:

  • school grades (20 %),
  • extracurricular activities (10 %),
  • competitions (10 %),
  • teacher references (10 %),
  • results on the aptitude test (30 %),
  • interview (20 %).

The last year’s placement test with solutions is available:

The decision to admit students to the IBDP at II. gimnazija Maribor will be based on their rankings according to the criteria above. The best 40 students will be admitted.

The students will be notified of the results in May 2023.

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